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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Funny - Husbands and Wives?!

Hello and Happy Friday! I pray this joke doesn't hit too close to home for anyone...it is funny!

This is a true story. Several years ago a preacher was conducting a revival in a town where he had a small mission church. One night, a husband and wife came into the church just a few minutes after the service began. They were dressed in tattered clothing, and the smell of liquor was strong on them.

During the song service they would raise their hands and say out loud, "Sing it honey child!" They would cry and then the man took a dirty handkerchief and wiped his tears. The wife decided she wanted his handkerchief and they began to fight over it, back and forth like little children.

When it came time to receive the offering for the evening, the man reached into his pocket and dropped a few coins into the plate. The wife hollered out loud, "You told me you didn't have any money!"

You know I love ya - Don

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