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Monday, April 6, 2009

Disposition of Jesus - Easter

The Lord make His face shine upon you. Numbers 6:25
Have you ever known someone with a "sunny disposition?" Such a person makes a great friend, choir member, neighbor and usually a good boss. Contrast this with someone who always seems to look at things though gloomy glasses. While we may befriend such a person, given a choice, we'd rather sing, work, shop, or relax alone.

As you picture Jesus and the last week of His life, which disposition comes to mind? One of gloom and doom? Or one of sunshine, of cheer?

If we had lived lives of selfless love, obeying God's Law perfectly...if we had avoided not just sins of the flesh like lust, laziness, and greed, but also sins of the heart like pride , worry, and stubbornness...if we had done all the kind, helpful things for others we have had the opportunity to do...what would our disposition be?

We are not perfect in every way like Jesus was. We have done those things we ought not to have done. We have failed to do the good we could done. We do not deserve God's smile. We deserve God's frown and punishment....yet God shines His face on us.

I think Jesus was stern and direct the last week of His life but He was well aware that the face of God was shining on Him that week. We often put Jesus in a suffering martyr box...but we also learn in Isaiah 53, Jesus went willing.

His sunny disposition may have had the world clouds over it, but there is something wonderful about the Sun...it still is shining above the clouds. Three days later we learn the clouds were removed...burned off...and the SON was shining again.

Looking forward to Easter - Don

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