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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who's Who in America

Several years ago the people listed in Who's Who in America were analyzed. Researchers discovered that it took 25,000 laboring families to produce 1 child on the list. It required 10,000 families in which the father was a skilled craftsman, 6,000 families of a baptist preacher, 5,000 families if the father was a lawyer, 5,000 families if the father was a Presbyterian preacher, 2,500 families if the father was a dentist, and 1,200 families if the father was a Episcopalian priest. Of course the study is a few years old and did not mention mom, I would say it doesn't change much because....for every 7 Christian missionary families there was at least one child produced as a member of the remarkable Who's Who list. ("Staying Up, Up, Up in a Down, Down, Down world" - Zig Ziglar, Thomas Nelson Publishers 2000)

I can only speculate on the reasons for this. I think it is probably the fact that in a mission minded home there is a stronger commitment to faith, courage, and cultural differences. The children probably had a day-to-day example and a chance to actually work with the parents. Needless to say, the parents were teaching the preaching the "person" of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. I can't help but wonder what my children see in me and will I demonstrate a "Who's Who" lifestyle of excellence? It is also true that in a missionary family mind set, parenting is a team effort, actually everything is a team effort to survive. I want to be a team with Karen in all we do as parents.


My mother and father may have not always been wise, but they were willing to admit their mistakes and turned our eyes to Jesus in all we did as a family. They did not give us the choice of church, but made church and Jesus fun and abundant in lifestyle. For that I will be eternally grateful and hope to pass that along to Matthew and Alice.

By the way, My mother is a missionary (www.projectkenya.org) and I was on the Who's Who list for High School and College.

You know we love ya, Don

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Olympics are Coming!

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10 NIV).

The month of August brings the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I also love the slogan, “One World, One Dream.” I believe that is the way God sees you and me. We are one church that He loves and adores. We are his bride that one-day he will come to claim as his own.
Peggy Bohannan writes, “Olympics fever is in the air...and so are the fanatics! They're torchin' the torch, would you believe! Worldwide riots happening as the Olympics torch travels - Paris, London, San Francisco....where next!! But there's another world, another Torch and another fanatic trying' to put it out.....guess who!! He hates the Light - he hates your life and hates your Lord. He's identified as the devil himself trying to darken the Light that He gave in the very life that He renewed......and what to do??
“Don't let him.....He will try to kill your resolve, steal your peace and destroy your life but he will not win. Light is always stronger than darkness - and evil cannot put it out...God holds you in the palm of His hand and Satan has no power over you, or the Light shining in your life.” (Peggy Bohannan 2008 /www.gospel.com/ministries/peggies-place)
In the beginning God said, "Let there be light - and there was light." Jesus later stated that He is the “Light of the world.” That Light is God Himself and will never go out. Fear can't eradicate it; failure can't erase it. Discouragement, disease and distress can't destroy it - and the devil can't have it!
Therefore, as we watch these wonderful athletes bring excellence to their sport, may we be inspired and encouraged by their drive and shine our lights. I also encourage you to rejoice as we run the race laid out for us and celebrate that we belong to God’s one dream, his one kingdom. It is through Jesus alone that every man, woman, and child can have life to the full and declare to the nations God’s worth in their lives.

Watching for the amazing,

Friday, July 25, 2008


This is a new adventure for me. Blogging is something I have heard a great deal about and never truly understood what it was about. Last Saturday, Ed Bahler spoke to the elders and staff at Park Chapel and talked about his blog and that is is the way to speak to everyone as well as start a continuous dialogue with people.

Thus, I have been praying about the possibilities. I have multiple interests. Primarily, the Church, Worship & Fine Arts, and Special Needs. I am a minister and love the church. I hope to write about some of those experiences at Church of the Cross in Modesto, CA. I am a Fine Arts Minister and have always been involved in music and worship throughout my 35 years. From Christmas and Easter programs to organ/piano to playing in the band and now being a worship leader. I am also the proud father of a BEAUTIFUL 5 year old, Matthew, with Down Syndrome and a BEAUTIFUL 2 year old, Alice, that is typical (Whatever that means).

So, you can imagine that I have a lot of interests and I thought we could share biblical insights while trying to open our eyes to God's leading. Thanks for reading and look forward to more to come.