Easter - 2018

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Funny - The best place to fish!

I am excited about the Easter Musical this evening. A common choir member question is, "Where do I stand?" I found this joke and it gave me a chuckle....

Two dumb fishermen decided to rent a boat on a lake. After fishing for hours at various spots and catching nothing, they decided to try one more time before calling it quits. Suddenly, fish started biting and they caught their limit inside of 20 minutes.

"Hey, we should mark this spot so next time we'll know where to fish," the first man told his buddy."Good idea," the second man replied, taking out a can of spray paint and making a large X on the floor of the boat."Why'd you do that?" his friend asked.

The fisherman said, "Now anyone who rents this boat will know where to fish."

You Know I love ya - Don


Steph said...

Too funny.

I very much enjoyed the musical tonight! I cried when the pictures came up on the screen and when Deb told her story...very touching!

You did a great job organizing and directing everything.

Don Crane said...

Thank you.