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Monday, April 27, 2009

Life Patterns - helping others

I just returned from the National Church Music Conference. Many conferees are mentors of mine and great professors that have added to my life in ways the words could never do justice to. I had the privilege of receiving degrees from Hope International University (Pacific Christian College) and Johnson Bible College. I also grew up in church and the most important and influential educational gift was growing up in a Godly home. Mom and Dad were very dedicated to the Lord and demonstrated that for us with love.

Its amazing how many people feel all alone and don't have someone to pattern their life after. They may not have had a good mother or father figure as a strong example. These people never took a moment to realize there is something to learn from everyone. It is even possible that even in church settings people get over looked and fade into the shadows.

You may be one of these people. Your life may not be what you had dreamed and probably some mistakes along the way made you feel isolated and alone. You may be thinking, "How can I help someone else when I'm so messed up and no one ever helped me."

First and foremost, I suggest that you start filling yourself up with Jesus. Take time to read His Word, listen to teachings, play worship songs, and pray. Don't wait until Sunday to have encounter with God. To many people may get in the way at church...especially if you are looking to build a mentor relationship with your Heavenly Father. Church is a great place to start, but a true relationship is everyday. With God, we never are alone and HE NEVER ALLOWS US TO FADE INTO THE SHADOWS!

Jesus knew loneliness and Jesus knows what it means to be rejected. When you allow Him to be your best friend, then He will also burst forth out of you. You will have opportunity and unique situations that will allow you to share in friendships and relationships that are God driven. He will be all that comes out of you. What a great God we serve....I am a Friend of God!

I am grateful for our friendship through this blog and you know I love ya - Don

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