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Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Funny - "This Place Means Business!"

A young boy was having trouble in school, especially math. His parents we besides themselves on what to do. So they decided to send the child to a Christian School. It was expensive, but a parent will sacrifice for a child. So, the next semester off the boy went to a private Christian Academy.

The next report card came around and sure enough, the young boy's grades were way up. Math was an "A+". His parents were very pleased and started to blame the public school system for lacking in discipline, funds, socially stability and moral guidance. At church on Sunday the boys parents were so proud and talking with their preacher about the new change in the young man. The preacher leaned down and was talking with the child and asked, "What is the change in you? They must be teaching you some new tricks at your new school?"
The boy said, "Not really. I just saw the man nailed to the plus sign and realized this place means business, especially in math."

Have a great Friday. Keep Laughing! - Don

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