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Saturday, July 4, 2009

With Independencde comes Responsibility...where will we be in Four Years?

Happy Fourth of July....Independence Day! This is a link to a copy of the document that started the whole thing off. The Declaration of Independence

I was asked, Do you think Sarah Palin will be around in 8 years? I hope so, but the question was suggesting that President Obama will still be in office for two terms. I don't think he will be there for eight years. He is a one term president. The following was my answer:
As a parent with a Children with Down Syndrome, I love the idea of a special child with an extra chromosome of cuteness in the White House. There is my support for Sarah Palin...Her politics follow my desires as a Christian and a fellow citizen. As for Jimmy Carter Obama....we the people never have liked our government in our pockets. If the next two years are like the first six months. I predict one of three things....
1. Revival (my choice - Lord, heal our land, amen)
2. Civil War (it could happen easier than we think...revolution every once in a while is a good thing)
3. A new president (probably the reality).

There is a 4th choice, I am in denial about. North Korea could bomb us and we would be in World War Three. God help us all.

So there you have it. With Independence come responsibility. Collectively, we have squandered that responsibility, thus we are in the mess we are in. I am completely and totally thankful and grateful that even the authority of the United States of America...the greatest country in the world or in history...falls under the Authority, Power, and Wisdom of Almighty God!

Have a great Holiday and Be Safe! Don


Steph said...

I saw that response and it took all I had to let it go! Some people live in their own little world...I choose to be aware of what's going on so that I can pray!

Obama will certainly be a one term president; people are waking up and realizing that our freedoms are being taken away one by one. When you take away someone's freedom, people tend to bristle just a little

Don Crane said...

I could not agree more.

Don Crane said...

It is amazing how this administration and it followers accuses you of fear when you call them on "truth." It is not fear, but reality of consequences of truth. - These comments are from a Facebook dialogue that was made.