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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Capturing the Essence of the Guidance of the Holy Spirit!

I discovered a poem that spoke to me and it captures the essence of the Holy Spirit's guidance. It is from Morning Star Poetry and I trust it speaks to you as well.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Oh blessed trinity
One living God divinely three
King for eternity

You make of me Your dwelling place
You guide me in all truth
Anoint my life for serving You
Erase my sins of youth

Pour into me and fill me up
Your love I can’t deny
You search me through and know my thoughts
Of Christ You testify

You teach me how to yield each day
And make the holy choice
My breath of life, flow through me now
You are my still small voice

You know me more than I myself
And lead me by the hand
You counsel me in ways of life
To help me understand

Bestowing me with gifts unearned
Defending me from sin
Like mighty wind, expose my guilt
Restore me from within

My praise for You will never cease
Be my one desire
I’m sealed until redemption day
Warmed by holy fire

You claim me as a child of God
Always there to witness
You comfort me and ease the pain
Healed by Your holy kiss

Renewing as the latter rain
Your love is so immense
Regenerating hearts for Christ
With fruitful evidence

The stamp of Your eternal pledge
Proves purchase at a price
Your gift of grace is free for all
By faith in Jesus Christ

I am wanting to hear and listen to the Holy Spirit everyday. It is my prayer, my goal and my passion. A Christ-follower desires "everything" God has to offer. Seeking the Holy Spirit is the only means possible to achieve success in knowing God.

You know I love ya, Don

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