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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Funny - "Grandpa's Gifts"

Its Friday, Snow is on the way, and Christmas is just around the corner...so a Friday Funny about the gifts and the bows is most appropriate! Enjoy!

Grandpa decided that shopping for Christmas presents had become too difficult. All his grandchildren had everything they needed, so he decided to send them each a nice check.

On each card he wrote:

'Happy Christmas Grandpa' - P.S. 'Buy your own present.'

Now, while Grandpa enjoyed the family festivities, he thought that his grandchildren were just slightly distant and somewhat curt with their talk. It preyed on his mind into the New Year, in fact it truly bugged him because he had been very generous. So, he decided not to talk with the family. "They can call me and use their own dime!" he thought.

Then while getting ready for Easter and doing some Spring cleaning, he was sorting out his study and under a pile of magazines, he found a little pile of checks for his grandchildren. He had completely forgotten to put them in with the Christmas cards.

I probably would do this. Keep laughing because it keeps the rest of us guessing and have a great weekend!

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