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Friday, November 21, 2008

Stuffed Turkey!

There are only 6 days left until Thanksgiving! It is also HUNTING season in Indiana and probably in most of the United States. So, I thought this funny story would be cute for our Friday Funny.

Stuffed Turkey

Baby Bruno was sitting in his grandmother's kitchen,
watching her prepare the Thanksgiving meal.

"What are you doing?" Bruno asked.

"Oh, I'm just stuffing the turkey," his grandmother replied.

"That's cool!" Bruno said.
"Are you going to hang it next to the deer?"
Do you eat the Stuffing inside the bird? I love the stuffing from inside the bird, but Karen tells me (So does my mother) that is is bad for you....something about bacteria....so I wonder how many people eat the stuffing from inside the bird. Karen and Mom do not, they make it in a separate pan and drizzle the juices over it to give it the "stuffed" flavor. Seems to me you can't call that "stuffing." You have to call it "drizzling" or something else.....So, how many people actually eat the stuffing from inside the bird?

You know I love ya - Have a great weekend - Don


kidreader said...

I LOVE stuffing from inside the bird!

Don Crane said...

Yes, another one on my side.

deecat9 said...

We make the stuffing in a crock pot! It tastes wonderful, and it is no fuss. YUM! This is probably my favorite thing at the table, besides my grandmother's cranberry salad. Well, and then there's the turkey, and what about pumpkin pie? Can you tell I love Thanksgiving too?

Don Crane said...

That is totally awesome and SOUNDS totally wonderful. I obviously love Thanksgiving Too!