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Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving as a way of life.

1O come, let us (A)sing for joy to the LORD,
Let us shout joyfully to (B)the rock of our salvation.
2Let us (C)come before His presence (D)with thanksgiving,
Let us shout joyfully to Him (E)with psalms.
3For the LORD is a (F)great God
And a great King (G)above all gods,
- Psalm 95:1-3

"Thanksgiving" is an American holiday. Yes, other countries have a day of "Thanksgiving." Some countries celebrate much like the United States, but there are some countries that take thanksgiving and apply it to holidays or festivals such as the Chinese New Year or in many European Countries there are "Victory Day" celebrations that celebrate and give thanks for the victory over Nazism. Many British countries celebrate, "Boxing Day." Boxing day is celebrated the day after Christmas and is much like the American Thanksgiving. Therefore, most, if not all cultures have a nationally recognized holiday to give thanks.

As I read Psalm 95:1-3, it becomes apparent that giving thanks is a Judeo/Christian concept that spread through all religions over time. God wants His people to give thanks. From the very beginning, God and Adam walked to together and Adam gave thanks to Yahweh. Giving thanks was also a lifestyle for every major God fearing character is the Old and New Testament. I have also lived it with examples of Christ-followers all my life.

My lesson for the day is that I need to have thanksgiving as a way of life. I am not talking about the food, the festivities, and the football...I am talking about....giving thanks. The point of Thanksgiving is to remember the things we have to be grateful for. It's our special time to look to God and say, "Thank You"... not just for the obvious, like food, but for the thousands of fortunate moments, the multitude of blessings that we receive each year.

You are on my list of giving thanks this year. I entered the world of blogging this year and I am thankful there are people like you that are willing to read and study with me on this journey towards heaven. Thank you and I will keep writing as long as you keep reading.

You know I love ya - Don

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