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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Makes me Lie Down in Green Pastures

Psalm 23:2, "He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters."

Yesterday morning I was awake but it was too early to get out of bed, so I was reciting scripture. This is a great technique to pass the time and take your mind off your insomnia. One of the passages was the 23rd Psalm and the Holy Spirit started to speak to me about the last week. Especially with verse two.

Last week... I went to have a fifteen minute ear surgery and it turned into a three hour procedure to remove a cholesteatoma (click for more info). This is an abnormal skin growth inside the ear. We thought we had gotten it all last spring and was going to check if it had come back. Well it had and there was more in places the Surgeon could not see. Needless to say, I was down for the count.
Last week... Karen's Aunt Linda passed from this life (see my last post on Monday, Nov. 3rd.) Which meant we were traveling to Mid-state New York for the service on Saturday. With the drugs, Karen had to do all the driving. There was also no Internet available and very little noise. Nunda, NY is a very rural place. We stayed at the Colonial Motel and it is a wonderful place to relax and recover.
Last week... The George W. Bush era began its last few days. Whatever your political views, these last eight years have been very hard on the U.S. ...9/11, Afghanistan, Katrina, Iraq, more hurricanes, tornadoes, and even a bridge collapse to just name a few. We have spent a great deal of time on our knees for this man and His family. (We did for Clinton and we will for Obama.) Without God, I am not sure how anyone could stand against the amount of turmoil this world brings. Karen and I are at least two people that think President Bush has done an outstanding job. We thank God, G.W. Bush was in the White House the last eight years.

So, all this was on my mind and God took us to a place to recover, grieve, and ponder the reality that He is still in control. It is also very comforting to me that even when I don't want to...God MAKES me lie down in green pastures. I was forced to rest, but it was in green pastures. I love that part of New York and the Colonial Motel is a fabulous place to be disconnected from the world. God knows exactly when it is time for His follower to disconnect and retreat from the front lines. Thank you Lord, for making me lie down for a week and please help me to receive it every time it comes.

You know I love ya - Don


Faith Jackson said...

Don, I am praying for you! I thank God for your humble and quiet spirit. You open yourself totally to God's leading, and thereby encourage me greatly.

Don Crane said...

Thank You...you are a blessing too.