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Friday, August 8, 2008

Trouble, Who Needs it?

Peter Marshall wrote, "God will not permit any trouble to come upon us unless He has a specific plan by which great blessing will come out of the difficulty." As I reflect, I think this is true. All the troubles in my life have always been a shared experience. I have a loving family and they have always been there to share in the trouble and encourage me along. I have great friendships and relationships that have been awesome and supportive on this journey toward heaven.

Yet, it is my relationship with Jesus Christ that holds me together and keeps my from drowning in all the "trouble" this life brings. In fact, I can testify that in every valley (surgeries, death of a parent, college pressures, my ambitions & arrogance, just to name a few) God has consistently proven His love and that His mercies are new each and every morning. It is true that the valley is the place that fruit trees grow. I have learned the most while traveling in the valley.

I guess it is the trouble in our life that defines "who" we are. Thus, I need more trouble to grow...did I actually write that? I am NOT looking for more trouble, struggles, or stress but I suppose it is to be expected because I also am praying for God to strengthen, stretch, and bring me wisdom. Trouble, who needs it? I guess I do...and maybe you too.

Take Care, Don

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Faith Jackson said...

I have pondered this difficult reality for some time, especially over the last five years. God has given me peace and rest after twenty years of hardship and trial, but I find it harder to maintain my closeness to God now. Our humanity does indeed grow and mature and draw upon His strength best under adverse conditions. What I am realizing now is that my "adversity" is of a different nature, and my stresses much more subtle, and therefore more insidious! What's good about that is now I go deeper to find the sweetest water from the well of God's goodness and comfort and strength. It's all part of the journey, and the "process" of growing into all that God wants me to be. Our Sunday School lesson last Sunday contained this statement (paraphrased slightly): God doesn't necessarily rescue me out of trouble, but rather carries me through it. The farther along I get in this life, the more I appreciate how God leads me - where I need to be led!

In Him (deeper every day),