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Monday, August 4, 2008

Doing Church or Being Church?

Yesterday in our Solid Ground venue at Park Chapel Christian Church, we are still trying to take the load off of the rented equipment since the lightning strike in June. I think we may have progress this week. Mike Canny and I have been working overtime on "fretting" about it. Well, anyway I digress...in the services we presented all Gospel music. Tricia (piano) and Chris (keyboard/organ) played and the people sang with a mighty sound. The song list was simple but very powerful. I was overcome with emotion at several points. I remembered great worship services at the church where we were members and I gave my heart to Jesus, Church of the Cross.

Afterwards, even though it was a great service and enthusiasm was high. God was glorified and the morning was everything we hoped it would be...I found myself slipping into a depression in the afternoon. I think it was because I missed the people. So many have gone on to be with the Lord. I also was grieving...the church I fondly recall as a child and youth does not exist anymore. The style, people, and the moment all evolved into something new. I also think the church as a whole has forgotten what it was like to "be" the church instead of "doing" church. These three things hurt and I found my self in a depression (unfortunately so Karen and the children).

Col. 1:8-9 tells us that Paul had been informed of the love the Colossian church had shared with their community. The more I think about it, the more I realized that is what I missed. We shared a great deal of love....it was not about music style...or what the preacher was preaching...or what time of year it was...or if the coffee bar was going to have donuts...it was all about the love of God and loving each other.

Today, I am visiting a mother of a new set of twins, a young man that is incarcerated, and two widows in nursing homes. The love is still there, it is just different. Lord help me to see it and to live in the now so that I express your love to others.

You know we love ya,


IzzyBeth said...

I agree. In the age of computers - so many things have changed. I'm at just the right age where I can appreciate both the new and the old - both with the music and the technology (or lack of).

But do not fret - because I truly believe the love is still there but different. Think about email and how it allows hundreds of people to be informed of a prayer need and be able to pray instantly after hearing of that need.

Think of your ability to reach others through your words on this blog.

And think of the ways new music and technology is able to touch 'Nintendo kids' in a way that other things might never even break the surface. I believe it is all about drawing people in - and letting God do the rest.

I also believe that the traditional way of doing things is also important for those adults and elderly people who might be drawn in by something familiar they experienced in their childhood.

And then there is me - who is just as blessed in a traditional service as a contemporary one - because God is in both. And He will use both - for those who are willing to hear.

:-) (And I'm not MOOSHY!!!)

Don Crane said...

Thanks for your thoughts...me too!
AND maybe just a little, you know.