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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Couldn't live without it!

- Updated picture of Matthew and Alice....we were at Shriner's Hospital to get Matthew a new pair of shoes.

Last night we had our Fresh touch prayer service at Park Chapel. (Fresh Touch Prayer service is the first Tuesday of the Month at 7 PM and we gather just to pray and seek God's direction.)David had us walk around the church parking lot and in the building praying for the up coming season and those in leadership and in attendance. He read scripture, we sang a song, and then we prayed. It was a great service.

It made me think of this quote from William Lyon Phelps, "I believe a knowledge of the Bible without a college course is more valuable than a college course without a Bible." The Bible is God's revealed word of Himself and His love for us. It applies to every aspect of our lives and when we dedicate ourselves to its words we live in abundance. I know I couldn't live without it. (As a matter of fact...last time I counted, I had over 10 copies and Karen has just a many....)

You know we love ya, Don


Faith Jackson said...

Don, you have beautiful children. Matthew looks like you and Alice favors Karen.

God's Word has kept me going through all of my life, and some of that has been rough going. Without Him, I truly would be nothing. And without His Word, I would be dead - mentally and emotionally, and possibly physically as well. We serve an amazing God!

In Him,

Don Crane said...

Isn't He amazing. The gift of the Word I know I couldn't live with out it. You are very dear to us Faith. I am glad this "blogging" has opened up this door. The children are precious...a hand full, but totally FUN!