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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Down Syndrome - An Extra Chromosome of Cute-ness!

Our son, Matthew, has down syndrome. He will be five on September 17th and very much knows his age. There are great resources out there for parents. Some of my favorite websites are NDSC, NDSS or IDSF, or DADS. We are members of all these organizations. Another is the Christian Church Foundation for the Handicapped or CCFH. Jim Pierson is president of CCFH and we were talking a few months back about Matthew and that He is so cute. We agreed that it is true that Matthew has an extra chromosome of cute, yet he is more typical that disabled.

Here is a little story of typical, yet cute in a typical down syndrome way. Our family room and kitchen are connected by a window. On the family room side under the window sits the couch. On the kitchen sides sits the sink. On Monday, Matthew has speech therapy so we are all getting up and moving. Karen and Alice are up stairs so, I get Matthew ready and he is down stairs with his cheerios (dry of course) and watching Arthur. So, I go upstairs to get Alice.

I come back down with Alice and Matthew is standing on the back of the couch half through the window and has the water on and has the sprayer out and is watering the kitchen down. It seemed like there was an INCH of water everywhere! Our spray works well, it shot across the kitchen into the dinner room. Of course, I am shocked and ask what is going on....Matthew said nothing, just got down with a huge smile on his face and went in and sat in the naughty chair...I can't read minds, but I know from the look and grin on his face....He was thinking that was fantastic and I would do it again. (and will probably try...I have already disconnected the sprayer.)

Needless to say, we will laugh and remember that moment forever. Down Syndrome is more alike than different. As a friend of mine in Richmond, George Williams, said to me..."the innocence just lasts longer...like forever." Another great website is Down Syndrome Association of Richmond (DSAGR).

Feel free to share the story and watch the sprayers. I would also love to hear about your funny stories of children and water in the comments area.

You know we love ya,


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. It reminds me of the time that my brother and I did this with garden hose, in our summer kitchen on the farm.

I saw your post on the dadsloop, great story. :)

More alike than different. I agree.

Rebecca, mother of E, a four year old girl sporting an extra chromosome

Don Crane said...

Thank You, Rebecca...DS is a wonderful blessing with its unique challenges...Thanks for sharing.

IzzyBeth said...

THAT IS CLASSIC! Go Matthew! (Sorry.)

Don Crane said...

Beth, I am sure he will try it again.