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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Funny - Back to School

Greenfield Central Schools (Greenfield, IN) returned to school in session this week. This is a odd time when I was growing up...First we did not return until the Tuesday after Labor Day...which made Labor Day a death holiday. Mom, Melinda, and I loved our summers together, so we called it the holiday the killed summer. My father on the other hand would sing all day the Christmas classic, "Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." I think we were getting on his nerves by then. (In later years I think even he was a little sad to see us go back to school. Although he never admited it.)

My nephew Domanic and I are a great deal alike. Of course he is a great kid and much smarter than I, but it gives me pleasure to know that our mannerisms are alike. For our Friday Funny today I thought I would relay a true story of Domanic.

Domanic is in 7th grade now, but on his first day of school for Kindergarten, we were all excited. They live in Tennessee and at the time we lived in Virginia. So, after dinner, Aunt Karen and Uncle Don (there was only two of us then) called Domanic to see how his first day went. He loved it. I asked, "what did you learn today...a new poem...wow, can you share it with me?" This is what he recited:
Little miss moffet, set on her tuffet
Even her curves and waves.
We still laugh at the thought of a curvy, wavy Miss Moffet. Hope it touches you as well. Keep laughing and maybe as I walk into heaven someday, I will get to hear dad singing, "Its the most wonderful time of the year." You know I love ya - Don

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