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Monday, January 26, 2009

He loves me enough to lift me up!

"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”- James 4:10

Humbling oneself before the Lord is not always easy. There are too many times I forget that God can blink stars into existence and breath planets out of orbit. He can calm the storms and shake the earth. He can see the parts of an atom and all of history in the same glance. He also loves me....He is a great God.

Then I come along and start to tell Him what should be done to correct a situation. A line I used in the sermon yesterday keeps popping up in my head, "Many times we pray for a removing job on our problems and God is looking for an improving job in our lives." Most of the time my lack of improving comes when I am not humble before God.

I am praising Him for the reality that as I humble myself, He lifts me up. So, today I am praying and asking God to continually remind me that as I humble myself, please continue to lift me up. I want to be so focused on Him, that all I will desire is to be humbled and lifted up.

Worship is declaring how much God is worth....may He always be worth it all and beyond in my life. Thanks for reading and don't forget I love ya - Don


Sarah said...

I often tell God how to fix things myself, and jokingly (after the fact) call it prayer.

Don Crane said...

Me too. I have found myself this year actually saying/praying out loud..."I am relying on you." I remember the line from the Cars movie...If you keep talking to yourself, people are going to think you are crazy....