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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve & Pizza

Today is Christmas Eve 2008. I am drinking a cup of Earl Grey, eating a Christmas cookie, and remembering all the great Christmas events in the past. Mom always made Christmas special at our house, even when she had nothing to work with, she always found a way.

Our typical Christmas schedule started by going to Christmas Eve services at church. It was a wonderful service with candles, carols, and communion. I can still close my eyes and see the church, smell the candles and hear the pipe organ. It was truly a blessing.

Next, we would go to Grandma's house. All the kids would travel with my dad, He was in charge of picking up the pizza. In those days, pizza was a special event. It was not as readily available as it is today (probably lack of funds and not going out to eat.)

The pizza came from Round Table Pizza and at the time they had a pizza that was the size of the table. Absolutely huge and we had a van, so it would fit. I also think it was a time for the parents to get things together. (For some reason, Dad always drove slow that night.) Santa always came to Grandparents houses first and we got to open his gifts at Grandma's on Christmas eve.

We would then go home followed by the long night of trying to sleep. I was always excited to see what was coming the next day...we had to stay in our rooms and call out to mom and dad. Dad would start a fire in the fireplace and mom would put Christmas sweet rolls in the oven. That seem to take forever! Then, we would emerge for our rooms to a room full of gifts.

Around noon, we would head back to Grandma and Grandpa's from lunch together as a family. This lunch was almost spiritual. It was a time of eating, remembering, and fellowship that brings families together. (I should blog more on that sometime.) The day would end with everyone stuffed, relaxing, and very thankful for another year.

Some things have changed over the years...the big ones are the miles that separate us, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa are with the Lord, and the children now have children of their own. But, the spirit is still there. We are going to church tonight, Santa will deliver presents and the families will travel over the next week to be together and share in a meal that remembers past Christmas events as well as looks forward to future hope the Christ Child brings.

I am not sure this blog will make sense to anyone else, but it has been a terrific experience for me in writing it. The point is that Christmas can be the best time of the year....seize every opportunity to share the love. Merry Christmas - you know I love ya, Don

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