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Monday, September 15, 2008

Autumn, Fall, either works for me

(This image is from the Iron Kettle Website)

As I write this, we are in Mid-State NY. Karen's home town. It is a very rural community and so beautiful this time of year. So, we make it our family vacation to come and enjoy the fall or autumn. One of the places we will visit is the Iron Kettle in Owego, NY.

The children have a song they sing and the lyrics are:

"I like to roll in the leaves, feel the cool breeze, Stuff a scare crow top to bottom, You can call it fall, if that's what you please, But I say 'I like Autumn'."

There is something about Autumn or Fall that brings a renewing to me. I like the cool breeze and love the change of the foliage. It also signifies the holidays are just around the corner. There is school, football, pumpkins and pumpkin pie. There is also the end of summer and people get back in the swing of life. There is also a preparation for winter. I can't put my finger on it, maybe it is like colors...you just have ones you are drawn to.

There is something about the Fall season that I like and I am truly enjoying this year.

Looking for more to share on this topic and hope to post some great Autumn pictures soon.
Have a great Monday!

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IzzyBeth said...

Did you ever sing, "I'd rather be a pumpkin face than be a pumpkin pie?"