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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The root of the problem ... PRIDE!

The root problem at the very core of all of our lives is pride. Now I know that’s nothing new. In fact, this problem first surfaced in the Garden of Eden. The problem with pride is that it robs us not only of a full and meaningful relationship with other people but, even more so, it robs us of a full and meaningful relationship with God.

A working definition of pride: Pride is simply our refusal to acknowledge God as we should. It is failing to realize fully that all of our abilities, achievements, possessions and relationships are not due ultimately to our sound judgment or superior wisdom, but to the gifts and grace of a sovereign God.

God has declared himself in Scripture as the active antagonist of the proud. God is adamantly opposed to those who set themselves up in proud self-sufficiency. Throughout Scripture we find the same theme repeatedly: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (cf.
James 4:6). But I’m afraid that most of us today are unaware of our problem with pride. Daniel 4 offers three very basic steps in overcoming pride. A person can over come pride by taking the steps of knowing where your helps comes from, acknowledging God is greater, and recognizing that God is right. 

You know I love ya, Don 

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