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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The GPS is clear: There is only One Way to Get there.

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - John 14:6 - (NIV)

The GPS pointing to a happy, productive life is clear and it points out there is only one route to get to the destination. Lynne Phipps <lynnephipps@hotmail.com> of Atlin, British Columbia, Canada writes the devotion below:

As the publisher of our small bi-weekly town paper, I always have a backup plan. I backup my computer documents with a stick. And I backup my computer with a backup computer. I also backup my printer with a backup printer to ensure that the paper always gets published on time and out to both the e-mail subscribers as well as in hard copy.

Backup plans: as human beings, we like to have them, as we know how quickly things can go wrong, and a backup plan gives us a measure of security amidst everyday mishaps.

According to Jesus, however, there is no backup plan available for a relationship with God the Father. The one and only plan is Jesus, Himself. He is the only way, the only truth, and the only life. No one has access to the Father but through Him.

In this day and age, this is not a popular view. Our society is rampant with various beliefs which all promise access to heaven without faith in Christ. To disagree with these beliefs is often to rain down anger upon our heads, which unfortunately can cause us to be quiet about Jesus, when perhaps God is giving us opportunity to speak the truth to those who are clinging to a false hope.

Backup plans have a good and worthy place amidst many areas of life, but according to Scripture, God's written Word, there is no backup plan when it comes to the good news of Christ. Yes, when it comes to truth, the good news of Christ still stands alone in the world of faith, over two thousand years after His death. For truth, popular or not, cannot be changed; it has no backup plan. It is the Plan.

God's has provided a clear GPS for everyone who believes...why do we deviate and make up our own rules? It one thing to get off course by missing a turn or making a mistake, but to intentionally go another route is foolish and will end up not arriving at the destination. You know if I didn't love ya, I would not say anything at all....Don

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