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Monday, May 21, 2012

Difference between an Employee and a Son/Daughter

Mercy is a blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion....

There is a huge difference between being a son/daughter and being an employee. A company has a transactional relationship with the employee. You produce and then you are in. You don't produce then you are out. Your compensation is connected to your contribution.

It is different being a son or daughter. You are family. Your place is not dependent on your performance. As a son, my value is intrinsic, not transactional. We are often eager to listen to the voices that say, "prove yourself, do something important, succeed, achieve" rather than God's voice. God speaks to with the words, "Rest in me; I am your shepherd. You don't have to prove anything. You are not an employee, you are my child."

To many Christians listen to their mental script planted by a fallen world that refers to God as saying, "This is my employee, whom I have called. I am well pleased...as long as He or She performs." The reality is God does not refer to us as employees, but children. A good parent will do anything for their children....anything. There is no approval required or performance seeking. 1 John states, "So how very much our heavenly Father loves us, for he allows us to be called his children, and we really are!"

Embracing our blessedness brings incredible freedom and great responsibility We no longer live or die with the praise or criticism of others. We no longer have to frantically chase after significance. It takes the pressure off and delivers us from striving to please the world. In contrast, we desire and make it our goal to share life with God, our creator. He is filled with mercy and grants on us divine favor and empowers us to demonstrate and live compassion. We are free to bless others and tell them how much they matter to God. We can allow others to succeed (& help them) without envy because our identity isn't wrapped up in our achieving. Our identity is found in Jesus and Him alone.
---much of the above is from Lance Witt and his book Replenish: Leading From a Healthy Soul, Baker Books, 2011. I highly recommend it.
 Embracing you and thankful for the mercy God has given each of us. You know I love ya, Don

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