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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poem created from Isaiah 43 - God protects so that we might testify!

The following is a poem by Sarah Laney Long. She has talent and more of your work can be read at Sarah Laney Long.

My Only Savior

You gave me life, You created me
All for Your glory, The one who formed me in the beginning.
You summon me by my name, And I am Your claim
Promising that nothing Not fire, rivers, nor people, will harm me.

I am precious in Your sight, You say. And honored everyday.

You tell me You love me, Promising to exchange men for me.
And people in exchange for my life, me.
How can I be afraid, when You are always with me?
You demand for me to be free.

I was chosen by You, To humbly serve You.
So others may believe, That You are the Majestic, He
The Father of all things, Yes, and from ancient days, You are He.

You are my only Savior.

(Based from Isaiah 43) SarahLaney Long

Thank you, Sarah for the reminder. God Bless, Don

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