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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why do you seek the life among the dead?

The angel said to the women in Luke 24, "Why do you look for the living among the dead? Don't you remember what He (Jesus) said when He was with you?" Yet, we still ask the same questions today in 2011. In other words, "Why do you think everything can be explained in the old terms of cause and effect." Why are you putting your faith in science and the laws of nature and the decomposition of human cells? Why are you trying to explain everything in ways you can understand?

The angel may have been thinking that they were holding the vials of perfume to anoint His feet again as they did at Simon's house. That angel could have said, "He can't be far. Then again, he could be halfway around the world, come to thing of it nothing is the same as it was. Why do you go on living your life the way it was. Why are you trying to live in a world without miracles?" Faith always breaks in on us like the angel at the Resurrection. As a God-conscious Christ-follower, it is our task to live as the people we profess to be...living among the living and not as if death has its control over our lives.

The reality I am living today is that I have two wonderful children in Matthew and Alice. I still have a wonderful little boy in Nicholas, we are just apart for now. Then as I see the cross of Christ, I realize whatever is keeping my world small and manageable is a little like the women clutching vials of perfume for anointing a dead body at the tomb of the missing Christ. My faith takes me beyond the tomb and into the new normal of hope in a blessing of abundant life in the here and now. The question of the angel changes with faith..."what are you going to do with your new normal of a resurrected Christ?"

Missing him terribly, yet looking forward to a great day to come that will never end. You know I love ya, Don


Faith Jackson said...

I am in awe of your perspective at this point. What faith!! What a testimony!!!

Don Crane said...

My perspective is a bit cloudy today. My heart aches for the loss and I am trying everything I can to wait on the Lord. In everyway, I hurt tonight. The blog post most have come directly from the Lord, because tonight I am feeling the loss beyond words and heart. We should be a family of five and we are not...so I rest in the Lord, it is where my help comes from.