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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Down Syndrome and God is right here!

Down syndrome has revolutionized our lives. Matthew has Down syndrome and he is seven. Alice doesn't and she is four. The two of them are priceless and a treasure beyond words. Their love for us, for each other and for life is so awesome. At times I wonder which one of us is disabled...me or him? At first it was hard, but now I see that God is with us and it is only through His grace that we are able to join in the great gift of an extra chromosome of "cuteness." Steve Davis of Georgia wrote the following of his brother with Down syndrome:

My younger brother, Alan, had Down syndrome and died four months short of his 50th birthday. He was terrified of thunderstorms. Our mom taught Alan that when a storm approached, he should put his hand over his heart and say, "God's right here." After Mom died, Alan stayed overnight with my family once a week. When a storm was near, Alan would come to us and say, "God's right here." Then he would calm down. Later, when the storm passed, he would come to us and say, "Alan's all right."

What a wonderful picture of faith Alan gave us! When the storms of life threaten, we can follow Alan's example and remember that "God's right here" - right here in our heart, every single day of our lives. And if we believe that as strongly as Alan did, we, too, will be able to say, "I'm all right," even in fearsome times.

We all face the uncertain times of life. We also learn to deal with those situations. It is in our inner self that we find the ability to be that which God has created us to be. It is when we say, "God is right here" that we are able to step through the hard times and accept the great times. The sorrow is hard, but the fulfillment of faith brings us great joy.

Having a child with Down syndrome is not easy. It is also true that not everyone can be a parent to a special needs child. I am thankful God has equipped and allowed us this privilege.

Matthew is a treasure and has an extra chromosome. Alice is a treasure and she doesn't. I am striving to be a dad that lets them know that either way, "God is right here." By the way, Matthew loves Thunderstorms. Alice doesn't. You know I love ya, Don

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