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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Putting Prayer Off!

"Tomorrow," Pharaoh said. - -Exodus 8:10 (NIV)

WHEN Pharaoh refused to release the Hebrew slaves, God sent a plague of blood upon Egypt. Seven days later, Moses again asked for the Hebrews to be set free. When Pharaoh refused again, God sent millions of frogs hopping across the ground and into homes. Pharaoh changed his mind and asked Moses to pray to God "tomorrow" to remove the frogs. Why, I have asked myself, would Pharaoh choose to wait another day with frogs leaping into the beds and onto the tables?

Then I remember how often I intend to improve my poor habits. "Starting tomorrow," I tell myself, "I will do better. I am just too tired [or too busy] to make the change today." Yet when tomorrow arrives, I find an excuse to stick with my old ways.

How many of us choose to wait "just one more day" before we change our habits? We say that tomorrow we'll start to exercise, eat healthier foods, or spend more time reading the Bible. Like Pharaoh, we are willing to wait just a little longer before we take action. But God wants us to serve and to experience the blessings of serving today, not to wait another day. God promises to give us strength in our weakness, to help us when we must change our behavior so we can do what is right.

Praying for you - Don

P.S. - This is a devotion from Susan Stitch (Missouri, USA)

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