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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

His Face on Me!

"The Lord make His face shine upon you." Numbers 6:25

Imagine yourself alone in a huge crowd...a crowd moving from one place to another through a canyon of office buildings that scrape the sky. Imagine the faces of 20,000 strangers looking back at you as you look around at the crowd.

Now imagine that you spot a face in the crowd. It is a face you know. In fact, that face is the face of the person you love most of all on the entire earth. From across the street, you and your loved one exchange smiles. These are smiles of warmth, affection, love, and approval. You begin to move through the crowd toward one another.

This is the picture painted by the phrase, "the Lord make his face shine upon you." It is a picture of God's deep love for each of us as his individual children. It's a picture of affection and acceptance. It is a picture of the intense commitment in our Lord's heart that draws us ever closer to him and evokes our love for him in return.

You see, our Lord, Our Savior, Our True Vine...loves his people far more than a kind "group policy" that covers all of us at once. Rather, HE loves each of us...One by ONE!

Despite the billions of people in the world, Jesus knows us, recognizes us individually. He knows the shape of our body, the contour of our shoulders. He shaped the silhouette of our nose...recognizes our laugh...He notices every tear and wipes it away. He not only knows, He cares!

Lord, Jesus, help me feel the smile of your unconditional love as I serve you today. Amen.

You know I love ya - Don

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