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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Tanacity to face trials, rejection, and persecution!

As we read through Galatians, it is 1.15-2.3 in which Paul addresses his Apostleship to the Gentiles. Paul outlines his early years with: He makes a trip Arabia. He then returns to Damascus. Three years later he visits Cephas and remained with him for a few weeks. Fourteen years later, Paul and Barnabus take Tutus (apparently a Gentile) to Jerusalem to seek confirmation that their message to the Gentiles was not misguided.

Although, I believe there are several reasons which make Paul uniquely qualified to take the message to the Gentiles. The one which stands out to me as most prevalent is the verse in Acts (8.1) where he is giving approval over the death of Stephen. He also mentions the people were aware of his previous treatment of the believers in Gal. He had the credentials to speak the Jewish faith and education on the scriptures to realize the truth of Jesus.

Why would this be a helpful quality? Because everyone new and feared Paul. As he mentions in other letters, he was a Jew of Jews, highly educated, connected with all the influential people, and was zealous for the cause. Paul possessed drive and tenacity because of the fool he had been in the past. Taking the message to the Gentiles would take a person with the educated ability to examine the scriptures and debate with tradition. He would also need to have tenacity to endure the trials, rejection, and persecution on the journey. Paul's past flamed his present which uniquely qualified him for the task at hand.

Aren't we glad he did? You know I love ya, Don

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