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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Simple Prayer Request ... "Strengthen Me."

Judges 16 is a chapter full of references to Samson’s strength or lack thereof. Of all the chapters on Samson, chapter 16 has the most (16:5,6,9,15,17,19,28). The term is used many times in the scriptures, but it is not always used with the word "me" following it.

In the context of Judges 16 we understand Samson’s request to be centered upon the return of his physical strength. It was here, at the end of his life that Samson finally fully understood and believed where his great strength originated. Samson was a man indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God who granted him power for the work of being a Judge of Israel. Yes, the strength left him when his hair was cut, and after his hair grew back, this is when he asks God for his strength back, but it was not necessarily the hair, it was the Holy Spirit of God at work in this man’s life. 

The hair and the other Nazarite vow signs were outward manifestations of God’s control in that person’s life. We have these today, Communion is an outward manifestation of what God is doing within our hearts. Baptism is another outward manifestation that represents our death to the old man and our resurrection into Jesus Christ. God wanted the person who was a Nazarite to be a living picture of God’s power and control among the people. In this final request, Samson is finally granted the vision of his vow and through his strength plans to show the sovereign power of our God.

Samson needed physical strength, but he really needed the spiritual strength that only the Lord can give. The same is true of our long obedience in the same direction. King David realizes the strength he needs from the Word of God. David in Psalm 119:28 declares where his strength comes from … he sings, “My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.”

Samson’s new vision understood from where his strength came … I wonder if we know from where our strength comes from?

You know I love ya, Don

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