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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rest and Take a Break!

Rest and Take a Break! …“Observe my Sabbaths.” Leviticus 26:2.

God is saying take a break and rest awhile. This is a hard principle in our lives. The hats we wear continually pull and tug at us. As you grow in adulthood some of you will be wearing hats of college degrees and the workload is tremendous. Then some of you will wear the hat of the workforce and the challenge to achieve will be demanding. Then some of you will put on the hat of parenting and the child will scream and cry for you to be the best parent on the planet. Then culture will kick in with politics, making money, house payments, car payments, and a boatload of other pressures. God is saying, make it a part of your DNA to take a break. Get some rest and allow for your body to catch-up to your circumstances.

This is true of the party animals and those rest too much. Some of you will need to take a rest and break from resting. Over doing the resting is just plain laziness. God adds, Observe My Sabbaths. The texts assumes we will be hard workers that will need to take a break from the load as well as from the pressures that take place in our lives.

Eugene Peterson describes, “Sabbath as that uncluttered time and space in which we can distance ourselves from our own activities enough to see what God is doing.” This is the principle that allows for us to enjoy that which has been done and which will be done.

Lee Iacocca was the CEO and leader of Jeep-Daimler-Chrysler for many years and had great pressure to achieve in a very competitive industry. He was very successful at it. He was also a good father and believer in God. Where did he find the strength to achieve? He replied… "I know when to take a break. Men and women think they are smart enough to lead fortune 500 companies, but they aren’t smart enough to take a two week vacation."

You know I love ya, Don

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