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Monday, March 10, 2014

A Call to Travel with God!

“Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he does for his people!” Psalm 66:5

God invites everyone on a journey. Consider it a Biblical Road Trip. His journeys are often and difficult. Abram’s will be an uncomfortable journey. One that requires everything Abram can offer over the remainder of his life. You and I can learn stamina, faithfulness, and trust in this man’s journey that has changed all on history.

1.     Abram doesn’t speak in the story. No questions, No excuses, No tests, No complaints.

2.      Abram doesn’t see the whole story.
This will be a difficult, uncomfortable journey. He doesn’t know that. If he did, he might not go. He has glimpse of what is coming. “I will make you a Father of many nations…”

3.     Abram doesn’t search for the hidden story.
If Abram might be doing soul searching, “Why would God want me to do this? What greater purpose does he have…” we’re never told. God certainly does have a huge, amazing plan for Abram. But Abram doesn’t make it his problem to decipher and decode God’s agenda. He just jumps on the path and travels with God.

God speaks and with ears of faith Abram listens. Abram figures out that his job is to join God on the journey. He’s got his wife and his nephew with him, but he will quickly and frequently discover God is his traveling companion. He’s 75 years old and for Abram the journey has just started.
He’s gone his entire life without children. 75 years, probably 55 of them married to Sarai, all those years of hoping God would bless them, all those years wondering why things were working out the way he had hoped. 75 years of feeling helpless, struggling with doubts and despair about his future.

At age 75 – God speaks and gives Abram a call. Sure there are the Jeremiahs out there who hear God’s call early in life. But there are also people like Abram, who don’t hear the call until much later in life. “Middlers” they’re called. People who live one life doing one thing, and a second life answering God’s call to travel with him.

So what does this mean to believers 4500 years later? It reminds us that God invites each of us on a journey with Him. We are called to travel with God. But sometimes, we’re a little too busy to hear it, aren’t we. Sometimes we’re a little too preoccupied to hear the invitation, a little too proud to consider the request, too busy doing too many things, or even just talking too much.

Abram reminds us to listen and respond in faith! You Know I love ya, Don

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