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Monday, January 6, 2014

Tranforming me in 2014: Resisting evil influences

Resisting evil influences

The true test and temptation is not what you do with your weakness. You know your weakness. You know what you do not have. You have no choice but to stand in humility because you are weak in that area.  You and I have a choice when it comes to our weakness… we can fight it and let it take over or you can recognize it is a weakness and go through the fire and suffer. You are powerless in the situation. The true test in temptation is what do you do with what you have? 
What you have is what power you have. This is why people who have nothing will lie, steal, and cheat to get something. They have nothing so they must find a way to gain the power to make their own choices. 

It is what you have that truly draws in your temptation. How do you handle this opportunity? Do you use it for your own good or for the good of others. It is not about how you handle broke with your tithe…10% of broke is still broke! It is about how you handle what you have been given and do you give with an open heart that says it all belongs to God and 10% is His portion…. or do you keep strings attached to what God has given you.

You have Internet at your house…you have the power of the world wide web. How you use it is your test. 

“Having” opens responsibility and that opens the influence of temptation…Do you show off so everyone can see what super Christian you are…when you resist evil influences you never have to prove what you already are.

James 4:7 states; “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Satan and his minions are like hackers who are constantly trying to insert bad software into your mind.  We must learn how to identify them, remove them and shut down their access points into our lives. Resisting temptation is hard work and it is hard to remain faithful when all we think on is the sin.

Cling to the truth…always forgive…resist temptation…Seeking transformation in 2014. You know I love ya, Don

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