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Monday, April 15, 2013

Charles Spurgeon - "Spiritual the Want..."

Charles Spurgeon wrote, "The true believer, when confronted with his or her need for revival, will long for it." This sermon confronted me on every level for revival. The text he uses is Habakkuk 3 and calls for the listener to join with the Prophet and seek the Lord to revive the work of God with in the heart of every man. It is a great sermon that is hard to believe to be written over a hundred years ago. As I read his sermon, I repeatedly wrote in the margin the words, "Wow!" and "Today!" I am amazed at how God's word is relevant in every era and culture.

Spurgeon addressed the conduct of the believer and that too many times our conduct is contrary to our professed faith. He calls for the believer to refute fraudulent practices and establish a goal of being dedicated to the calling of lifting the oppressed in faith while seeking justice in the lives in which we live.
Next, Spurgeon addresses the conversation of the believer. In my opinion he is on target in addressing believers with their speech on two levels. The first is that the believer should be talking about Jesus and the work of God in every part of their lives and at every opportunity. The second is for every believer to restrict their talk to wholesome talk and not every express slander or malice against another person. I like how his states, "I have concluded this: you will not know how to get to heaven simply by eavesdropping on the conversations of the members of church!" Our speech and talk is so vital to the work of God, yet we do not grasp how critical things are that come out of our mouths.

Spurgeon continues to call on believers to have a dedication to having a real communion with Jesus Christ. I long for this in my own life. I have found that my time with Jesus is so crucial in my daily living. I do not know how people survive without this holy fellowship. It is through this union that I am able to face the day and experience his fresh mercies and faithfulness in my daily routine.

Spurgeon then concludes the sermon with practical application. He demonstrates a truly believer will always groan for revival within their own soul. It is in the prayer and earnest supplication to God offered as, "O Lord, what I cannot, you do for me. O Lord, revive they work!", where God is able to bring a believer to a new and restored relationship of hope. This is accomplished in a strategic and intentional commitment to Godliness, clinging to sound doctrine, and fighting for the righteousness within our own lives. There is too many critical Christians that do not see the good work of God because their eyes are darkened by selfish pride.

The church is in need of the life of Christ with in the believer's heart, mind, strength, and souls. When it does the world will once again be shaken for the cause of Jesus. Let it begin with me.

You know I love ya, Don


Anonymous said...

I really like the words "… not ever express slander or malice against another person." Good reminder that we can fall into the trap of our words if we are not careful. Eph. 5 talks about begging filled with the spirit and overflowing with hymns, songs, and songs from the spirit. There is a big difference between hard words that build up vs critique.

Don Crane said...

So very true.