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Monday, September 17, 2012

Privilege to be Seized....

A friend, Nicholaus Geisert writes,

     "One aspect of baptism I think that has been missed by the Restoration Movement apologists is the mood of baptism.  Acts 2:38 reflects an answer given to a people desperately wanting to make things right with God.  They want to be baptized and the numbers with which they do so at Pentecost reflect that desire.  This same theme runs throughout Acts.  The Ethiopian eunuch cries out, "What can prevent me from being baptized."  Peter says of Cornelius' household, "Can anyone keep these people from being baptized with water?"
     "Baptism was something desirable.  It seems like we focus on the obligatory part of water baptism instead of the invitation of water baptism.  Here I am, a tired soul in search for a savior, and I'm told the good news about Jesus.  Now i want to follow Jesus and Jesus invites me to do something that he did; to take a tangibly, physical step that he took first. He invites me to participate in an event that began with John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus, that Jesus did himself, that symbolizes the cleansing waters of the flood, the participation with Jesus in his death an burial, the birth of new life in the Spirit, and the promise of a resurrection to come.  I'm promised that if done with repentance, I will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and the remission of my sins.
     "You don't have to argue with me that I "should" do it.  I want it.  Who can keep me from it?  To argue for water baptism simply from the command to be baptized (I do recognize that water baptism certainly is commanded) portrays baptism as a burden one must endure instead of a privilege to be seized.  Those who do not participate in water baptism miss out."

    I love the line Nicholas used, "privilege to be seized." How many times people miss out on God's favor because they deny the privilege to be seized? We make baptism into a completed action, when it truly implies that we are to be totally immersed in Jesus. Immersed at our baptism and then to remain completely immersed in Jesus everyday of the year.

Wanting to be completely immersed....You know I love ya, Don

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