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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Can't See From Here!!!

1 Corinthians 13:12, “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

Although one’s personal horizon is limited, Jesus is higher than us. Having already experienced death and having risen again, Jesus’ vision extends beyond what any one person can see.

The spiritual principle is very simple. The higher a man goes, the farther a man can see. Jesus has ascended above highest heaven. He sees further than us all. He sees the abundance of God’s blessing that lies waiting for us, just beyond our personal horizon. He calls us to sail beyond our horizon so we may experience the fullness of God’s promises.

What prevents a person from responding to Jesus’ call to follow him beyond the horizon of what we can see? One thing is fear, of course. But another hindrance can be complacency.

We do not sail beyond the horizon of our own experience because we are too easily satisfied by what we have. Jesus's horizon states:

“Blessed are you who are poor,” Jesus says. “But woe to you who are rich.”

“Blessed are you who are hungry,” Jesus says. “But woe to you who are full now.”

“Blessed are you who weep now,” Jesus says. “But woe to you who are laughing now.”

This is startling and unsettling. What is blessed about poverty, hunger, and weeping? And what is so bad about wealth, being well-fed and happy? Is Jesus just threatening those of us who live with great abundance? How can this be when our very abundance is a gift from God, a very expression of God’s blessing?

Perhaps Jesus is giving us a warning. “Watch out! Don’t become complacent in the abundance this world has to offer.” Jesus may be saying. “Don’t let material blessing keep you from sailing over the horizon of your personal experience to discover the even greater blessing God has prepared for you from before the foundation of the world.”

What greater blessing can there be than a warm house, a refrigerator full of food, and a good hearty laugh? What greater blessing can there be than personal material abundance?

Who knows? Jesus knows. Jesus knows because he sees beyond the horizon of our personal experience. The risk is that “you who are rich,” and “you who are full,” and “you who are laughing now” may grow complacent.

What a shame if we who have grown complacent spend our lives sailing in a small little narrow circle within the limits of what we know. What if we ignore Jesus’ call to us to sail beyond our horizon? What if we never sail beyond the horizon of what we know, to discover the spiritual abundance of which we could never dream?

Jesus calls us to dream beyond our limited vision and horizon...He call us to care, to give, and to love. So, let us seek to see beyond our limited view.

You know I love ya, Don


Faith Jackson said...

Exciting and challenging words! Thank you for the "spurring on" encouragement!

Don Crane said...

My honor!