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Monday, January 31, 2011

By Faith . . . getting through the sorrow of life.

"Faith is . . . what the ancients were commended for." Hebrews 11:12 (NIV)

Nicholas' passing has forced me to even lean more on Jesus and my faith. The limited vision of the future is a challenge for me. Yet, it is through faith that any Christ-follower takes each and every step. In grief that faith becomes even more precious. So, Karen and I have made a conscience effort that in these times of great sorrow, we will live "by faith."

Steve Wilcox wrote:

YEARS ago, a friend made a small wooden sign for my college dormitory door. Stained dark brown with white letters, it read, "Have Faith in God." Those words have been both a challenge and a hope to me ever since.

They challenge me because -- despite countless trips past that sign -- I have not always adhered to its timeless admonition. Sometimes when job uncertainties have arisen, I have been slow to trust God. When family losses have mounted, my confidence in Christ's companionship has sometimes waned. Even happy times have been a challenge, as they have sometimes subtly robbed me of the vigilance I need to cultivate faith.

But these words inspire hope as well. Hebrews 11 reminds me that by faith some of the Bible's most humble characters rose above their circumstances and their failings to please our Creator. As we see from the Gospels, Jesus delivered folks who had "great faith" (Luke 7:9), "little faith" (Matt. 6:30), and had even lost faith (Luke 8:25). From all these encounters I gain new hope and encouragement. What a comfort to know that Christ lovingly welcomes all of our "signs" of faith!

Therefore, I am taking one step at a time. That is progress from last week in that I was living one breath at a time. I miss Nicholas every moment and I do not believe that will ever change. The wound is healing in that we are learning to live with the pain. In fact, it is making us stronger by increasing our faith in the One that is providing the strength to face the day. It is by faith, we survive.

You Know I love ya and appreciate all your support in our time of loss.

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