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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Relationships Matter

Park Chapel is going to take the "One Month to live Challenge" on February 14th. The challenge is fairly simple, "What would you change in life if you were told you only have 30 days to live?" I am looking forward to the study and I am also seeking God direction and looking for change in passion and direction. I am also thankful we are a family that lives with passion and drive for changing lives and living as if today is the last opportunity. That being said, I am looking to God and we will see what happens.

The following devotion is on relationships and come directly from study. It touched me and I think you will like it as well.
We were created for relationships. God created us to be in relationship with Him.

Adam depended on a relationship with God for his very life. The first man did not become a living being until God breathed the breath of life into his body. But God didn't stop there. He also said, "It is not good for the man to be alone;" Gen. 2:18 (NIV) so He created Eve. Ask any prisoner to describe the most feared punishment in penitentiary; they will tell you it is solitary confinement. We were not meant to be alone. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Being connected with others is at the core of God's original plan and it is vital to our well being.

At any given time we are in three relationships; with God, ourselves and others. If any of these relationships are out of balance, the others are affected as well. The problem is most of us have relationships that are out of balance. So what can we do? When Jesus was asked which commandment was greatest, He said love God and love others (Matt. 22:36-40). When we love others our relationships become healthy. When we are committed to other people our relationships become meaningful. Commitment takes time and energy; it also means learning new skills. It is our hope that you will make that investment because the quality of our relationships directly affects the quality of our life.

For more "One Month to Live information" go to Onemonthtolive.com

Taking the challenge. You know I love ya, Don


Tara said...

What a great idea! I love this!

Don Crane said...

Thanks. It is a book written by Kerry Shook. I am reading the book now and I am truly looking forward to the Bible study and sermons links. Thanks for reading. Have a great day!