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Monday, February 2, 2009

One begger showing another begger where to find bread

We talked about reaching other people for Jesus in services yesterday. Mike Canny preached for us in Solid Ground. (You can download the podcast at www.parkchapel.org/podcast/solidground) Mike told this story.
During the depression a beggar comes to a door of a home and asks for bread. The Woman of the house always tried to help as much as possible. So, she gave the man a Mason jar of water and two slices of bread. The man says thank you and goes to the front curb and sits down. He eats one slice and wraps the other in paper and puts it in his pockets.

He drinks the water and leans over and picks up a small stone and puts a check mark on the curb he is sitting on.
The next month, almost everyday at least one beggar comes to the woman's door. The original beggar signified by the mark that this is a safe harbor and if she can, she will help you.
The point is we are beggars (Christ-followers) showing other beggars (the non-followers) where to find bread. So, I am praying for the ones in my life that do not know Jesus....I am asking God for help in this process...I am studying God's word to be prepared for the wave of seekers. May they see the mark of Jesus in my life. Thank you Mike Canny for sharing these powerful words with us.

May God bless your day and you know I love ya - Don


Jessi said...

Thanks for sharing. It sometimes is hard to remember that we can always be pointing others to Christ.
Thanks for the support and encouragement you offer on my blog.

Don Crane said...

I agree...no problem, I enjoy reading.