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Monday, December 17, 2012

Our hearts go to Newtown, CT...our rescue is needed

I received this email from a friend after Friday's terrible shooting in Newtown, CT.
A thought to ponder.
My wife said to me last night as we were watching the news about the horrific shootings of innocent children in Newtown, Connecticut that while this is certainly horrible apparently we think nothing of the large number of abortions that occur every day in this country.  So what is the difference?
I have to agree with her.  In the name of "choice", "its my body" and "inconvenience" we are permitting the same thing to innocents that cannot  be led to safety.  And the really sad part is, it is "legal" within our nations law.
How grieved our Heavenly Father must be. 

My response was: Last night I was at the Community Christmas Celebration with all the different musical groups and one on the ladies asked me, "How could so much evil exist? How could someone be so intentional in going and slaughtering children?" I comforted her...while I was having the same thought.

Yesterday's events cause us to cry and want to hug our children and grandchildren. I certainly did...these children were loved and wanted while their lives were snuffed out by a crazy man. It is also a real part of our world that children are terminated everyday in this country because they are not wanted. Children with special needs are top on the list. Evil exists because we live in a fallen world that needs to be rescued.

It is terribly hard for these families and they will never truly recover...only scar over and learn to cope. Their Christmas' will never be the same from this point on. The truth is that we need a Savior and God chose to send himself in the form of a baby to rescue us...the message is even more appropriate this year.....what else can be said other than, "Jesus the Christ Child, God with us to rescue us from our sin."

We do not need armed teachers or armed guards at schools....what we need is the restoration of hope that comes from a nation that trust God, prays, and relies on Him for security and hope. We gave that away in our taking him out of schools, society, and culture.

You know I love ya, cry with you over Newtown, CT, and seeking the baby in the manger for our future. Don

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